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International Film Festival

Project My Voice

We believe in the power of film to drive meaningful conversations. This is why we combine film with facilitated dialogue, communications training, and forum theater to create a festival experience like no other. 


Filmmakers can observe how audiences connect with, interpret, and respond to their creations. Audience members can go beyond screenings and actively engage with both the stories and each other. 

In addition to our festival, we offer school programs throughout the year designed to introduce students, teachers, and parents to the world of filmmaking and storytelling, emphasizing the importance of creative problem-solving, effective communication, and servant leadership.

We accept feature-length and short films from all genres. Every story is an opportunity for a great conversation! 



Project My Voice is dedicated to helping people navigate critical conversations through the transformative power of film, laying the foundation for self-discovery and enhanced collaboration

how does it work?

How does it Work?


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Civic Engagement


Through our curated film selections, we spotlight pressing social issues, motivating our audience to actively participate in community initiatives and champion causes that resonate with them.

Dialogue & Deliberation

We use films as a foundation to initiate balanced conversations. By providing a shared cinematic experience, we create a safe space for individuals to discuss and reflect on diverse topics, even those that might be considered sensitive. Our post-film discussions are designed to present multiple viewpoints, guiding our audience toward comprehensive understanding and informed decision-making.

Mental Health Awareness

By showcasing films that touch on mental health, we actively work to break down stigmas. Our facilitated discussions post-viewing encourage open dialogue about mental well-being and the importance of seeking support.

Cultural Awareness

We handpick films from diverse cultures and backgrounds, aiming to immerse our audience in varied perspectives. This deliberate choice fosters a deeper appreciation and understanding of global narratives.

Empathy Development & Communication skills

Our film selections are geared towards drawing our audience into the worlds of the characters, cultivating a sense of empathy. We encourage viewers to step into the shoes of others, broadening their horizons and deepening their emotional intelligence. Our interactive sessions post-film viewing offer participants practical tools and guidance for interrogating their own assumptions and biases and respectfully evaluating the opinions of others.

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