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Project my voice

film festival

Project My Voice (PMV) celebrates the power of short films to spark dialogue and deliberation. Every selected film is paired with a brief period of facilitated dialogue and forum theater, which allows the audience to directly engage with not only the story but also each other! 

Our team includes professional facilitators and mental health counselors that create psychologically safe, open, and meaningful spaces for people of all backgrounds and beliefs to engage critical issues. 

how are we different?

We provide a variety of services to ensure that every event is a fun, engaging, and uplifting experience for all: 


  • DIALOGUE: For each film screening, our experienced facilitators create a safe and inclusive space for audience members to share their ideas and perspectives, and to listen and learn from one another.


  • DELIBERATIONSpecial film screenings allow us to focus on specific issues, and then guide the audience on how to deliberate on the issues raised, using structured and inclusive methods. We provide guidance and support on how to define and frame issues, how to gather and evaluate information, and how to make decisions that are fair, informed, and representative of the entire community.


  • CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: We support civic engagement by providing training, resources, and support to individuals, groups, and organizations that want to participate in public decision-making through the medium of film.

  • MENTAL HEALTH: All sensitive topics are addressed through a trauma-informed lens. Our team of mental health counselors helps us focus on safety, trust, choice, empowerment, and collaboration, and avoid re-traumatization. By applying a trauma-informed lens to critical issues, we can not only support and educate individuals who have experienced trauma but also promote a better understanding and awareness of mental health challenges throughout our communities.

Ultimately, our goals are very simple: Help communities have better conversations, build stronger relationships, and achieve more sustainable and equitable outcomes by working together. 


The Facilitators





Ernest Anemone, Esq.

Lead Facilitator

Ernest Anemone is a professional facilitator and executive coach with over 15 years of experience working with audiences large and small. Using his diverse background as an attorney, filmmaker, and actor, he helps individuals and teams improve communication and navigate challenges with confidence and joy.

Ernest began his career as a trial attorney, where he honed his skills in strategic thinking, problem-solving, and storytelling. After training as an actor, he began using elements of theater education to help organizations build high-performing teams and create cultures of inclusivity. He has since worked with doctors, scientists, engineers, bankers, lawyers, and Fortune 100 executives from across the world. He has also acted as a story consultant on major motion pictures and written award-winning stories of his own.

Ernest has a deep understanding of the challenges that leaders face in today’s fast-moving world and is able to provide both valuable insights and practical guidance for managing any situation. He has a reputation for getting results using both empathy and humor, and his clients consistently report measurable improvements in performance management and beyond.


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Tali de Assis

Lead Facilitator

Tali de Assis is a Training Facilitator and Coach with a passion for continual development and learning. Her background as a people manager and project manager, and having earned a Green Belt in Lean Management, gives her a particular insight into the experience of those she works with. Her experience as an actor helps bring engagement and humor into her work with participants, bringing content to life.

Tali has worked with a range of organizations from non-profit to Fortune 500 companies, with clients across a wide variety of sectors including law, pharma, tech, finance, government agencies, and aerospace.

Tali excels in working with small group trainings, large scale seminars, and one-on-one coaching. Whether working with entry-level individual contributors or senior leadership, she emphasizes the value of individual approaches and experiences, engaging with participants with transparency and humor.

Tali de Assis_Headshot.jpeg



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Joti Patel

Lead Facilitator

Joti is a British psychology post-graduate and Executive Coach with a multi-faceted
career in business and the arts as an Actress, Presenter/Host and Voice Artist. Joti’s strength is connecting to diverse audiences through a lens of cultural nuance to create authenticity in leadership. Joti’s solid Learning & Development background serve as an ideal foundation for providing high value communication for global organizations as a Facilitator, Coach, Trainer, Presenter and Corporate Role Player in forum theatre, 1:1 and group workshops, training films, live events, and conferences.


Drawing on her expertise as a Speech Coach and professional Match Maker, Joti also coaches in overcoming anxiety, social skills and the art of conversation. Through
personalized coaching, content and care, clients can expect an experience aligned to a high-performance culture and business strategy for growth and transformation.

Joti has acted in theater, TV and some independent films before moving to the US with recent credits on Uncoupled and an upcoming role for NBC.


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Andrew Fallaize

Lead Facilitator

Andrew is a British,  NYC based actor, voice over artist, facilitator and communications coach. He read chemistry at Cambridge University and then completed a diploma in Management Sciences at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University. He then worked in investment banking as a telecoms equity analyst for Deutsche Bank.  His transition into theatre came 2 years later when he went  to  Drama Studio London and completed a post graduate course in acting. He has been a working actor ever since. 


In 2005 he began working in the corporate sector and where he combined his corporate and analytical background with the skills of the actor and theatre and applied them to skills training in the  business  world. Since then he has worked globally (based out of London and New York) with the whole gamut of sectors both public and private. He has worked with people  at all levels of organisations,  from people starting their careers to board level executives. He has helped design, created and deliver a wide range of programmes,  involving forum theatre, facilitating workshops, role-playing, individual and group coaching and giving feedback.  Specialist areas include impact and presentation, negotiation, performance management, leadership and creativity and holding difficult conversations.


His theatrical work has involved working with many of the leading companies in the UK and US including the National Theatre, RSC, Sheffield Crucible, as well as performing Off-Broadway and Regionally in the US he has also made frequent appearances in drama and readings on BBC Radio and audiobooks and voice-over. His most recent TV appearance was on GOTHAM




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Kathy-Ann Hart _ Legit.jpg

Kathy-Ann Hart

Lead Facilitator

Kathy-Ann is part of a multi-ethnic, multinational, deeply layered, and complicated family. Since she was a small child she’s understood and been working on bridging cross-cultural divides.

She was once a consultant/facilitator working for Verna Myers (who is now the VP of Inclusion Strategy at Netflix)  and presently she’s an actor / improvisor / facilitator with Power Play Interactive Development.

With Power Play, she goes to colleges and universities around the world (sometimes in person or via Zoom) acting out and improvising ‘trigger’ scenarios that encapsulate all areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.


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Mairi McHaffie

Lead Facilitator

Working with emerging and senior leaders for over 15 years, Mairi designs and delivers bespoke people development and talent initiatives globally across the sectors.


She is founder of the Women into Leadership programme for the UK Houses of Parliament and specialises in Behavioural Change and Inclusion and Equality career development initiatives across the diversity strands.  


Building on her classroom and conference work, she has delivered a multitude of virtual, global, interactive learning events, enabling cross cultural clients to manage change, support their people and customers and effectively evolve behaviours.


Expertise includes: Influencing Skills, Presenting with Impact, Unconscious Bias Awareness, Respectful Behaviours, Building Effectives Teams, Managing Change, Managing Crucial Conversations, Supporting Colleague Mental Health, Physical Intelligence and Coaching Skills for Managers amongst others.


Mairi uses her deep understanding of social psychology and skills-practise to enable behavioural change in individuals to influence successful organisational culture.

Mairi trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has had a successful career as a BBC TV Presenter and theatre, TV and film actor. 

She has been a regular judge for the WeAreTheCity.Com Rising Stars Awards for pipeline female talent across industries and a judge on the BBC Apprentice Finals. She is the mother of two young boys and occasionally dabbles in stand-up comedy. 

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The Counselors





Ajit Shah, MA, LPC, NCC, ACS

Founder/Program Director at Innerspace Counseling, LLC

Ajita earned her master’s degree from Yeshiva University and a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University with an additional certification in behavioral pharmacology. For the past decade, Ajita has been dedicated to creating and enhancing mental health and counseling programs across New Jersey to ensure that the highest quality of care is provided for all of the populations served. As an LPC, Ajita believes that education, training, and proper supervision are key to ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of care. Her goal in opening Innerspace Counseling in 2014 was to create an environment for clients that allowed them to enhance the quality of their lives in the safest and least restrictive setting. To that end, Ajita has created a strong DBT-based curriculum for all programs. This curriculum, along with the system’s-based approach provided at Innerspace, ensures that clients are learning concrete and usable skills that can be translated into any area of a client’s life. In addition to working with clients individually, the treatment team at Innerspace also regularly and consistently involves families in treatment. This allows for change not only within the client but also within the system; thus providing a platform for true long-term success.

Melissa Maranzano, MA

Director of Program Development & Quality Assurance at Innerspace Counseling, LLC

Melissa earned her Master’s Degree in Child Advocacy & Policy from Montclair State University. Her undergraduate degree is in English literature from the College of Staten Island. Melissa has nearly 20 years of experience in social services working in foster care and preventive services, as an advocate, behavioral assistant, parent coach, and volunteer & community partnership coordinator. She has experience in training, program planning and evaluation, and case management. She is dedicated to building strong community relationships to promote positive health and well-being and is committed to improving outcomes for children and families affected by abuse, mental health issues, and poverty. She utilizes her expertise to evaluate and improve programs and to share Innerspace Counseling’s mission and offerings throughout the community, assisting families, patients, and colleagues with mental health needs and referrals.



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